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Sikhest Record Label In The Game.

About Us

Turban Trap is a record-label created in the month of June'16 by two guys from Delhi to promote Desi-Trap music genre.

The idea was struck in a shady cafe, just outside Amity University Noida, where there were two portable speakers playing Punjabi songs and Trap Nation on both sides of the table. Being high as a kite, somewhere in middle of the fusion being played unintentionally, the sense of chords ringed as if there's more to it. And with that tuning, TURBAN TRAP was created, putting out the SIKHEST INDIAN TRAP music ever since.

PS - Please don't connect with us over LinkedIn to submit your tracks, use the form on this website only.

Akshay Singh Kartik Sharma

What do we do

Put Your Music Out

Upload your music video on our YouTube Channel, or create a video for your music with Turban Traps signature music visualizer and upload it.

Run Ad Campaigns

If you need additional boost, we can run YouTube & Instagram ads for you at no additional cost. Email us your budget to get a custom plan.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of music do you promote ?

    We promote desi trap/edm music, in other words, EDM tracks that have an Indian essence to them.

  • Do you upload remixes ?

    YES WE DO, we stopped for a bit, but we are back at it.

  • Can I use your music on my YouTube channel ?

    We are just promoters, not producers. You'll have to ask the artist for that. Also, make sure you credit them.

  • I just submitted a song, when can I expect it to be up ?

    We get more submissions than we can handle, so we hate to make promises, but hopefully soon.

  • Can you make beats for me ?

    We don't produce music, we are only promoters. You'll need to contact the producers for that. Their social links are available in the description section of each track.

  • Tips

  • Be original

    Because nothing hits harder than something fresh & no matter how saturated the market gets, content will always stay the king.

  • Collab with other artists.

    There are plenty of singers & rappers out there who are talented af and are looking for good beats. And music with vocals in them, have a higher rate of going viral.

  • Play as often as you can.

    Dont be afraid to play in empty rooms, no one starts at tomorrowland, they all work their way up.

  • Work on your social media game.

    Keep your social media fresh and updated as much as you can. Make sure all your platforms are similar and under the same name so you’re easy to find.









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